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Monday, November 8, 2010

MTV Europe Music Awards 2010

You'll have a gay old time.

The stars hit the red carpet in some whackadoo clothes at the MTV Europe Music Awards which means we get to sit at our desks at Monday morning and judge them. It's just the way of things, darlings.

Why do celebs always take crazy chances on the RC when they're not in America? Don't they know we're going to see the pictures?

Eva Longoria Parker in Georges Hobeika Spring 2010 Couture

Look, we get that it's the MTV awards and it's Europe and that means she gets to be saucy now that she's freed from the puritanical constraints of Red Carpet America. We also get that - like it or not, people - granny panties are a momentary thing right now. But you can't just not wear a skirt and call it a day. It's like she wants to be edgy but just winds up looking a little silly.

Kart Perry in Jeremy Scott Spring 2011

Oh Christ, we've been dealing with Wilma necklines for too long now. Are Wilma hemlines the next thing? We actually think the idea behind this dress is fun and a little cute, and we get that the hem is supposed to be like a ripped ticket, but we can't help thinking it would look better as a simple straight hem.

Miley Cyrus in D&G Fall 2010

It's about as close to little House on the Prairie as D&G can get. We can't help thinking this looks a little country chic for a MTV Europe, but we guess it works for her persona. Don't like the longer bow on her, though.

Rihanna in Marchesa Spring 2011

Well. It's official, kittens. Wilma Flintstone is apparently a style icon now. She can take her place next to Jackie, Audrey and Madonna.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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