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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bryce Dallas Howard for Kate Spade

Shout it out loud.

Opie's daughter lands a pretty notable endorsement deal. For the first time, Kate Spade is utilizing the services of a celebrity model and they chose the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard. Norman Jean Roy photographed Howard in a loft space in Brooklyn, NY. The ads will feature her in animated poses in roller-skates, riding a bike, shouting into a bullhorn.

“The Kate Spade offer came up and I kind of lost my mind. There’s something about that brand that, from a young age, I really, really, really connected with. It was always the thing I wanted for Christmas…since I was 15 or 16,” said Howard. “It represents a lifestyle that I always really loved."

“It was so much fun, it was all the things that I like to do: bike riding, a lot of dancing, hopping around, being playful and fun, and nothing felt at all staged."

We think the picture is adorable. Nothing against her, but she makes a better model than actress. Not that she's a bad actress; just that she's not a particularly memorable one. In pictures, the girl's got real presence.

And she's a perfect fit for the Kate Spade style of chic super-girliness.

[Photo Credit: katespadelookbook.com, katespade.com]

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