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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cover Girl: Natalie Portman for InStyle

A month from now, she'll be considered over-exposed. Such is fame.

Marc Jacobs Dress

Nats wants that Oscar, so settle in for the media blitz. Current platform: The cover of InStyle (with accompanying interview, bien sûr). She looks really cute here, we have to say. Of course, it would be pretty hard for her not to look cute.

Actress-y sound bites:

If she could be anonymous for one day: "I would make out in the park! That's the thing I would most enjoy doing in New York, and it's something I'll never do. I'd also have loud, public conversations with my friends about personal things. Even if no one is paying attention – and most of the time, no one cares – you never know who is at the next table."

On the masturbation scene for
Black Swan: "Super awkward. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest ... or they're a little off!"

On being engaged and pregnant:
"This is the most private of private experiences. But I am completely awed by the whole process we are living through. I cannot express how lucky I feel."

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection

She tends to dress/be dressed in staid, slightly mature looks, so it's nice to see her rocking something so youthful and with a little edge. It's not an exact match to any of these runway looks, but you get the idea. Love that cuff she's sporting.

[Photo Credit: instyle.com, style.com]

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