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Thursday, October 28, 2010

FashionGIVEAWAY by He...Threadless Select

Well did He do it again or did He do it again. Last Week, He received a T-Shirt from Threadless and thought cool soft tshirt, He likes free stuff. But then after a little black and forth, BAM, He got Threadless to GIVEAWAY a shirt to a member of the ArmHe. Even better, the winner can choose which shirt they want (see above - if your a dude and you win, give it to a gf). He wore the shirt out Saturday night, chick magnet. Ladies wanted to get with He, guys just wanted the tshirt, hell one chick even wanted the shirt, luckily only one of those three things came true. He picked three cool tanktops that He liked the most. Now its the ArmHe's turn to win one.

Here's how to enter:
1) You must be a Fashion by He Follower aka in the ArmHe.
2) Leave a comment, make sure to let He know which one you'd want to win and your size.
3) You can tweet the contest @fashionbyhe and @threadless.

That's it, simple contest with simple rules. You can have more than one entry.
Contest will end Wednesday Night 11/3.

P.S. If He doesnt get a picture of the winner in their shirt, contest are gonna come to a hault. He has given away a dress, lingerie, underwear, a scarf and over a year of knowledge and what has He gotten in return? Nothing, not even one picture, hey He thanks for picking me as the winner, here is a pic incase you want to post. Would that be so hard, is He asking to much? Who wants a tshirt?


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