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Friday, October 29, 2010

He was 100% RIGHT about LATEX...Get it Now!

Is He the man or is He the motherf*cking man. Just got word that Agent Provocateur read the Fashion by He Post on Latex and they loved it. They loved to so much in fact, they went out and designed latex stockings just to keep up with He. To make He even happier AP has a new collection of thigh high leggings/tights that will make your head spin. Agent Provocateur should just change there name to Agent "My Boyfriend is Gonna Freak" Provocateur or Agent "Sexy as MotherF*cking Hell" Provocateur because what they come out with is muy caliente.

Try and doubt He, what He write or what He right when He wrote about Latex weeks ago? He is always right. Hell, He isnt the King of Fashion, just because He decided that would be funny. He is actually the King of Fashion. Consider Fashion by He to be your Fashion Bible, when He types something people listen.

P.S. Click Read More to see a ton more pics of the stuff He is talking about.
P.P.S. Instead of calling this season Fall can we change the name to Thigh High Season?

Click Here
No this isnt a paid post, He is just trying to make a dollar.
But everything He wrote is true.

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