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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In or Out: Julianne Moore in Lanvin

The Three Two Dresses of Eve.

Julianne Moore attends the Gala Premiere of 'The Kids Are All Right'
during the 54th BFI London Film Festival at Vue West End in London in head-to-toe Lanvin.

Lanvin Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Lily Donaldson (IMG)

It's a sartorial salute to multiple personality disorder! When we first saw the runway pics of this dress, we had the inevitable thought, "Who would wear this?" Well, now we know. She's posing like, "Hear I am! Wearing this piece of shit!" She looks terrified, like if she raised her arm or moved too suddenly, she'll evaporate into a puff of embarrassment.

But y'know, it really says something that a woman can go out on the red carped in a Sybil dress, pose stiffly with a mortified look frozen on her face and it's not even the dress we notice right away. JULIANNE. That HAIR. It WOUNDS. Sweetie (and we say this as people who have attended these sorts of things), if you want to get your Riverdance on and compete in an Irish stepdancing competition, then this is the hair for you. If it's the 19th Century and you're wondering what to wear for some potato-digging, this is the hair for you. If you're on the RC poledancing for your latest movie, this is NOT the hair for you.

Honey, you are so OUT. Who cares about the shoes and bag? No one's looking at them.

[Photo Credit: getty/wireimage]

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