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Thursday, October 28, 2010

PR: Mondology

Hit it, you little imp!

Gosh, it's a shame he's so lacking in the point of view department, right?

Clearly, of the three finalists, Mondo's competition output looks the most like a collection. That's not necessarily the be-all and end-all as far as the judges are concerned, but it does bode well for him. They value consistency because it demonstrates not just a point of view but the discipline to express it over time. In terms of picking out themes or motifs, we tried but we couldn't find any.

Oh, alright. Mondo loves prints, but he especially loves houndstooth and other graphic black and white patterns. He loves to combine prints in ways that are unexpected. What's a little surprising looking at all his pieces is that design-wise, his looks are fairly standard. The only consistent design element he utilizes is the (sometimes extreme) high waist. Aside from that, there's no real experimentation with form or proportions. Distressingly, these are all fairly standard dresses and separates (admittedly, with some flair to them). It's possible we've been a little dazzled by the fabulous prints and fun styling, because it's only hitting us now that he hasn't really done anything all that interesting or unusual in terms of construction or design.

On the other hand, of the three finalists, he has the greatest sense of style and don't think that's not significant. He can put together a look in an exciting and eye-catching way and that can take him far in this world. He has a tendency to get a little campy and over-the-top in his styling however, and the judges, especially Nina and Michael, don't like that sort of thing.

Bottom line is, WE think he's a shoo-in, but there are some weaknesses there and they're the kind that the judges can get awfully pissy about. They don't like a lot of flash if they don't perceive something of substance underneath it.

[Collage Credit: projectrungay.blogspot.com - Video Credit: myLifetime.com - Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/myLifetime.com]

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