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Monday, January 24, 2011

22nd Annual Producers Guild Awards

Don't you just love awards season, darlings?

Yes, it's the 22nd Annual Producers Guild Awards, held at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills! Let's get judgey with it!

Amy Adams in Andrew Gn spring 2010

It's funny. She's so respectable (boring) with her red carpet choices that we find ourselves loving this selection from the closet of Mrs. Blake Carrington of Denver, Colorado. It's so outside her wheelhouse. We can't help but give it a thumbs up. She should have feathered her hair and worn a floor-length fur coat with enormous shoulders to complete the look. In fact, we're calling it right now: Krystle Carrington will become a fashion icon in the next 5 years.

Amy Poehler

Oh, please. No one here is suggesting that she needs to be glammed up like a movie star, but even a sitcom actress needs to shoot a little higher than "Bank manager." Put a little effort in, honey.

Eddie Redmayne

Get your hands out of your pockets, pin your tie, and close your jacket if you're getting your picture taken, young man. Other than that, you look good.

Hayley Atwell

We had to google her to confirm her age. To our shock, she was one of the leads in Pillars of the Earth, which we happily devoured (even though it was only passably good, given the source material). She's unrecognizable here and more importantly, she's not even thirty. The reason we googled is because our initial hunch was correct: "I don't know who she is, but I guarantee this dress added at least ten years to her age." Bingo. She looks like an attention-seeking mother at her child's First Holy Communion.

Helen Mirren

Love this broad. That's a great length for her and she always covers her arms in a way that doesn't look like, well, like she's deliberately covering her arms. Great neckline for her too. While we don't think black hose with open-toed shoes is always the best way to go, it works for this outfit and it works for her.

Jane Lynch and her wife Lara Embry

That is a really fantastic suit and her makeup looks great. Having mastered the female suit, she should really look into colors now. This same suit in a deep blue, red or even purple, would look amazing on her. The wife's dress... we can't.

Joe Manganiello

The boy definitely prefers to wear his suit on the tighter side. If he eats anything more than a Triscuit or takes too deep a breath, this suit will no longer fit him correctly. Very few men can pull off that facial hair with a semi-formal look, but he can.

Kerry Washington in Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring 2011

While we like this color on her - ironically, the shades most often referred to as "nude" (although this is slightly peachy) look best on people who aren't that color when they're... well.. nude - this dress almost looks like a parody of a Herve Leger dress. The lingerie references are a bit too literal and the shoes are a bit too matchy.

Lori Singer

Wow! What hole did she crawl out of? How totally random is that? We're betting for most of you, this is the first time in a decade you've even thought of this gal. As for the getup...well, we're almost as blown away by it as we are by her suddenly popping up like a whack-a-mole on the RC. Honey, we realize it's been a while, but the Miss Piggy gloves went out right about the time you were on Fame. And the red carpet's gotten much more competitive since the eighties, dear. You can no longer pull a dress out from under your bed, unrumple it, throw it on, and head out the door.

Mark Wahlberg

He looks fine. Not much to report.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, getty]

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