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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vogue Paris Cocktail Party


Darlings, the glitterati attended the Vogue Paris Cocktail hosted by Carine Roitfeld in honour of Frida Giannini as part of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week at Gucci Rue Royal Shop in Paris. Everyone wore Gucci and everyone thinks they're more fabulous than you. Let's rip those bitches!

Here's the problem. "Everyone wore Gucci" and "Let's rip those bitches" are somewhat contradictory. We want to be bitchy, but we like all these dresses. We'll try and work something a little bitchy for each one. Just for you, our beloved unborn fawns.

Diane Kruger in Gucci Spring 2011

That's not an easy dress to pull off and she's rocking it. We're a bit tired of her "Mädchen" hair, though. We're all for clean and sleek, especially when wearing a busy dress, but she needs a good blowout to change it up a bit.

Gemma Arterton in Gucci Spring 2011

Unless you're making change, there's no reason to have your hands shoved in your pockets on the RC, young lady. Another tough dress to pull off. Another gal pulling it off. Another hairstyle that we wish was a different hairstyle.

Olivia Wilde in Gucci Spring 2011

Rocking the SHIT out of this look. More ladies in pants on the RC, please. Olivia will show you how it's done.

Is that a clutch or a bottle of Crown Royal?

Jessica Alba in Gucci

She's got all the personality of a doorknob, but we can't deny she looks pretty great here.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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