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Friday, January 21, 2011

Oscar de la Renta Rips Shelley O's McQueen Dress

Oscar has a hissy.

As per WWD:

"Apparently, quintessential Americana stops at Michelle Obama’s closet door — and not everyone approves. Fashion’s intrepid dissenter of record, Oscar de la Renta, questioned the choice of the lovely red-to-black gown by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton the First Lady wore to the state dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao.

“My understanding,' de la Renta told WWD, 'is that the visit was to promote American-Chinese trade — American products in China and Chinese products in America. Why do you wear European clothes?”

De la Renta noted that Obama remains a major fashion get, with the power to boost a house’s business. 'I’m not talking about my clothes, my business. I’m old, and I don’t need it. But there are a lot of young people, very talented people here who do,' he said."

Young talented people like Jason Wu or Thakoon or Isabel Toledo? We suppose he has a point about the choice of a European designer for this event, but it's not like she hasn't favored American designers during her time as First Lady; from very well established ones like Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, Isaac Mizrahi, and Marc Jacobs, to the up and comers like Wu and Thakoon. He can claim all he wants that this isn't about him, but not only does he have a history of complaining about the First Lady's choices, he's the only designer who's doing so. It sounds like entitlement and sour grapes to us.

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