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Thursday, January 20, 2011

TFS: House of Nami


Looking over this collection, talking it out back and forth, we sort of fell out of love with it. Not that we were ever really in love with it, but we did think it was a job well done and deserving of the win. We still think it deserved the win, but we're not as adamant on the "job well done" part. In retrospect, it looked like a lot of concepts with no cohesion or follow-through. A collection designed to push the buttons of Isaac and Iman.

The wrap/cape/coat thingie is nice enough, although it's not the nicest in the collection. The dress is hiddy, to be blunt. Sloppy, drab and unfinished-looking.

While we think the basic idea behind this look is decent enough, the execution and somewhat depressed feeling really worked against it and made the judges' effusive praise sound a little ridiculous. Then again, that's one of the flaws of the judging on this show: they tend to overpraise. At any rate, if this had been flawlessly fitted and executed, we'd like it a lot more.

Now see, THIS, we love. It had the drama that the somewhat pretentious zombie-walking-in-the-snow staging called for. If all the pieces in the collection were at this level, they would have had a slam dunk on their hands.

Oh, please. Definitely a deliberate attempt to push buttons.

This look, along with Dominique's dramatic black gown, are what really won it for them. Again, had everything been as perfectly realized as this, the collection would have been breathtaking. This feels like the essence of what Calvin was going for with the whole collection. The draping and the detailing are beautiful and look fresh.

Enh. Feels like a throwaway.

Yes, this collection has its flaws and more than its share of weak moments, but when they did their best work, it elevated the whole thing beyond anything House of Emerald showed. While it was conceptual, the concepts were all over the place. It was really the occasional moments of drama and modernity that sold it.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com - Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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