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Saturday, January 15, 2011

In or Out: Sharon Stone

IN? OUT? Such matters do not concern SHARON STONE.

Sharon Stone attends the 'Largo Winch II' Paris premiere
at Cinema Gaumont Opera in Paris, France.

Bow down, bitches. SHARON STONE does not concern herself with "rules" or even "societal expectations." SHARON STONE wears her crazy proudly on her floaty, ephemeral sleeves (with cutouts at the shoulder). Though somewhere vaguely north of her forties, SHARON STONE laughs at the idea of sensible shoes. Throws her head back and LAUGHS. SHARON STONE will wear 4-inch heels that are so pointy they could be used to remove your EYES should you say or do something that displeases SHARON STONE. She will not just wear BOOTS, she will wear BOOTS THAT GO ALL THE WAY UP TO HER COOCH FOR ALL YOU KNOW. SHARON STONE does not go to a Paris premiere dressed in crowd-pleasing Chanel or Dior*. She dresses like a DRAG QUEEN DOING STEVIE NICKS, tops her look off with a fuzzy bucket hat, stomps down that red carpet with a hot Frenchman half her age and throws back her head and LAUGHS at the little people who do not understand SHARON STONE and her ways.

It is not for us to declare her IN or OUT. She is SHARON STONE and that's all you need to know.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, getty]

*Edited: Except it IS Dior. Oh, well done, Sharon. Crazy AND French-pleasing. Brava.

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