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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T LOunge

Let us drink.

Bed Supper Club in Bangkok, Thailand

Darlings, let's all jet to Bangkok for a night of fun and frolic. Once again, we will have to hang back, because we are STILL fighting this, you'll pardon the term, motherfucker of a cold. It's the ping-pong of colds, darlings! We just keep passing it back and forth! As predicted, the house has gone all Grey Gardens beneath our feet. We spend the day sniping at each other and eating out of cans. It's not pretty.

Thankfully, there are drugs. Also, television.

We're too tired to sum it up. Something about designing costumes for Earth, Wind and Fire. Or something.

Oh, it's one of those "car commercial" episodes. Well, Daddy has to pay the bills, we suppose. V starts at 9, for those of you still hanging on. Wake us 5 minutes before it starts, will you? You're a dear.

[Photo Credit: bedsupperclub.com, Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com - Video Credit: bravotv.com]

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