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Thursday, January 27, 2011

TFS S2 Finale: Calvin and Dominique

Hit it, runners up!

Does he have some sort of skin condition that forces him to keep his chest exposed to the air or something? Aw, we can't tease too much. With everything on the line, he just didn't have the time or energy to play the character he's been playing all season. Not that he came off a total sweetheart or anything, but he was gracious in his loss, which no one could have predicted. Also, once he was freed from the "here go hell come" of working with others, demonstrated that he really is an excellent designer. Had he focused more on that than on the role he decided to play, the judges might have been inclined to give him the win because he wouldn't have built up so much ill will. And yes, his collection was good enough to have won. Check it:

As we said before, the ridiculous time constraints imposed meant we saw final collections no more embellished or intricate than the average competition piece. As a design, this isn't exactly unprecedented, but given the "1.5 dresses a day schedule", this is a nice look; clean, with some twists.

We credit him both for making pants and using a print, but this is just okay.

This is pretty damn chic. We don't love the proportions of the pants but we can't deny the look has impact (and it's a hell of a lot more interesting than Jeffrey's endless drag gowns).

It's a decent dress that would have made a bigger impact if it was in a color.

Like so.

Too many black dresses, but he's putting interesting little twists in hem and collar on each one.

We don't know if this is a cultural thing or not, but he has a tendency to make very heavy skirts with a bit too much volume. We like this look, but it's a little bottom-heavy.

Very wearable but still a little chic.

We thought this was kind of fabulous.

Ditto. Credit to him for playing around with silhouette in such a small collection.

Giggles did exactly what we expected her to do: turn out a collection of modern and young looks that reflect her own personal style to a large degree. We think she nailed it and we think she should have won. Her looks were more editorial, wearable, with an easily identified and defined customer and manufacturable at a practical price point. Bottom line: her looks were the most interesting out of the three collections. Calvin made a close second and Jeffrey came in third, as far as we're concerned.

Except for that unfortunate thing around her hips, this is a cute little look. We love the draped blouse.

Again, the volume is hitting at a weird place, but we like the idea behind this one.

We like the layered hem and the sort of understated drama of this piece. It looks like current fashion to us and we can't really say that about the other two collections, which just look like nice clothes.

Very much on trend. This judging panel isn't as editorially driven as the Nina-led Project Runway panel. It's very much about what Iman and Isaac like.

Ditto. Very current. And kudos to her for offering such a range of looks and pieces.

Ditto again. Look, you may not want to wear this (or maybe you do), but editors, stylists, and buyers love this sort of look.

While we liked the dyeing, we thought this dress was pretty blah.

No. Even we can't co-sign that. Her one major clunker.

Pretty and elegant. Love the dyeing, the layered hem and the draped panels. The girl could use some more color in her work, though.

Given the time constraints, this is an impressively finished look, what with all the elements. Despite a few rough patches, her collection was simply more interesting, demonstrated more techniques, and showed a wider range of looks. There's no question she should have won, as far as we're concerned. Jeffrey made a lot of drapey, dramatic Iman-esque looks and - surprise, surprise - Jeffrey won.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com]

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