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Friday, January 14, 2011

If We Were Her Gays: Leighton Meester

It's long past time, wouldn't you say?

Just look at the poor thing. She needs our help desperately. Wildly inconsistent on the red carpet (which is an indication that she doesn't really know what her style is), she, like so many, defaults to black quite a bit and yet she'll unexpectedly break out the really bright and saturated colors. To her credit, she tries to be edgy, which isn't easy to do on the red carpet, but unfortunately lands on "tacky" nine times out of ten. If there's one overriding theme to her RC style it's "boob and leg, boob and leg, boob and leg." Which is fine. You're young, pretty, and you've got a career to consider. But there's a way to show skin without looking like you charge by the hour.

We think it's the job of a stylist to find clothes that work within the client's preferences, even if the preference is "boob and leg." If you shove a woman into an outfit she's not prepared to like, most of the time, she's not going to look good. Style is as much about attitude as anything else. With that in mind, here's what we picked for Leighton. There's still a lot of boob and leg on display, but we like to think our picks will paint her in a more sophisticated light.

Let's start with something easy. This Gucci still manages to show the legs off to maximum effect and it's got the sassy edge that she seems to like, plus we think the color will flatter her.

She's got the kind of coloring that allows her to wear an unusually wide range of colors. A lot of gals couldn't pull off such a hot pink, but we think this Christian Dior will look sassy, sexy and youthful on her, without looking too twee.

If she's got a luncheon or a charity event or a boutique opening to go to - daytime events that require a slight toning down - this Lanvin still allows her to show the boob and leg, but not in such a way that she'd be considered inappropriate.

We get the sense that she tries to have a little fun with her clothes. Unfortunately, she too often looks a little sad and weird. This Prada would be perfect for a photocall and would practically ensure that she'd upstage any co-stars.

Look, if you're going to wear granny panties in public, they might as well be Chanel granny panties, amirite girls? Besides, these may be granny panties, but this look is still more chic and sophisticated than anything else she's ever worn. Maximum leg exposure, to boot. It's a no-brainer.

See, Leighton? You can expose your upper thighs to the world and still come off looking sweet and almost virginal! This Dolce & Gabbana is crying out for you, hon.

Finding a look with pants was the hardest thing for us. She doesn't wear them often, but every starlet should have a least one pants look in her rotation for every season. Since she likes Marc Jacobs, we think this chic '70s-inspired look is just what the gays ordered. It's more covered up than she prefers, but it's sexy and eye-catching and it would get her picture taken.

Every starlet, no matter how much skin she likes to show, needs a couple of gowns. It tickles us to put her in this Carolina Herrera, because you'd never expect such a showy dresser to wear something from such a staid and respectable designer. It works, though. The color would look great on her. And if that's not showing enough skin...

Then a hot pink Michael Kors gown with a slit to the hip should make her very happy. It's not as edgy as she seems to like, but a classic draped gown is every starlet's best friend.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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