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Saturday, January 29, 2011

In or Out: Anne Hathaway in Marni

Harshing our buzz.

Kittens, it is a beautiful Saturday, if you define "beautiful" as "not currently in the grips of a fucking THUNDER BLIZZARD." Seriously, Mother Nature? Blizzards and thunder weren't enough on their own? You had to combine them? What a bitch.

Anyway, the prospect of actually leaving the house and walking past the end of the street has us giddy with excitement! We have a whole day planned! But first, let's say something nice about one of our favorite stylish gals, Miss Anne Hatha-

Anne Hathaway attends 20th Century Fox press day For "RIO" in Marni.

What the fuck?

Marni Resort 2011 Collecton
Model: Daiane Conterato (ELITE)

"HAHA!" said Tom.
"Doesn't she look fabulous?" asked Lorenzo.
"I have no respect for you at all right now," replied Tom.

And thus, we were off to the races like only a couple of 15 years can head off to the races. Louder and louder did our voices get. Less and less syllables were we each allotted before the other decided it was their turn to speak. More and more did we repeat the same points in the vain hope that saying it louder and more forcefully would finally win the day. You know how it goes.

Anyway, Lo thinks she looks chic. T thinks the proportions are ridiculous, the sweater looks shapeless, and the wedges take the whole look way down. To him, she just looks awkward. Lo still thinks she looks chic. And now you see why Lo is heading off to Barney's today to find something to wear during Fashion Week, and T is going to do some vacuuming and then run some errands and maybe get a bite to eat. Blissfully away from each other. Don't be sad, poodles. Even Ma and Pa Ingalls didn't spend 24/7 together. And when they did, something always burned down. It's better this way.

Our point is, due to her RUINING our marriage, we can't declare her IN or OUT. It will be up to you, our little darlings. Remember, Daddy and Daddy love you very much and it's NOT YOUR FAULT.

It's Anne Hathaway's. Bitch.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, getty, style.com]

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