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Thursday, January 13, 2011

In or Out: Blake Lively in Marchesa

Baby steps.

Blake Lively attends the 2011 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Gala
at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City in Marchesa.

Marchesa Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Anna Lundgaard

We don't love this dress and we are sick to death of Marchesa on the RC, but she's such a slow learner when it comes to fashion and she's worn so much tackiness and hiddy before that we once again are forced to give her an IN, just to encourage her to keep moving in this direction. And when we say "her" we include her presumed stylist in that. It's a little odd that this version doesn't have the cutouts of the original. We don't love the original either but taking away the cutouts takes all the interest out of the dress.

So, now that she and/or her stylist have learned the value of not showing up looking like a crazy person or a hooker (or a crazy hooker), the art of accessorizing is the next step. She's still got a ways to go on that one. While we like the jewelry she's sporting, we very much dislike matching the earrings to the bracelet. Way too Barbie. Given the rich color of the dress, we don't think turquoise (whether it's actually the stone or not) was the way to go here. It's distracting.

As for the shoes, allow us to admit something we don't think we've ever admitted before. This is hard, so give us a second to compose ourselves. We irrationally hate T-straps. There. We said it. This is not a style dictum or a rule or anything. There is nothing inherently wrong with T-straps; we just don't like them. They always remind us of old-school chorus girls from Busby Berkeley musicals. Chubby, apple-cheeked Depression-era gals tap-tap-tapping the blues away in satin shorts. Again, that's just us. We will say, and feel free to tell us we're wrong (as if any of you ever needed our permission) that we don't think it's the most flattering way to present the foot. That line running up the foot and then the strap running across the ankle? Sometimes it makes the foot and ankle look bigger and wider than they actually are. And besides, the color's all wrong here.

As for the hair and makeup, the latter is fine (if perhaps a little too low-key), but the former is ridiculous and she looks like she just got out of her spinning class.

So to sum it up: Hate the jewelry, hate the shoes, hate the hair, don't really like the dress. Oh, to hell with it. She may be improving but that's just too much wrong to be anything but OUT. But keep trying, honey! You're improving!

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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