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Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Runway...MASTERS?

Blogging, from the latin, blogare, to speculate wildly.

So, we're reading this somewhat fawning profile of the Weinsteins, and how they're movie moguls who have "tapped into" television, when we stumble across this tantalizing passage:

"As part of their television push, they plan to launch two spinoffs of "Runway" this year: one called "Project Runway: Masters," in which professional designers compete in fashion challenges to earn money for their favorite charities. Another is titled "Project Runway: Accessories," where designers create new clothing accessories each week."

OOOooooh! We already heard about the accessories show, which we'll have to see to believe because the concept sounds a little shaky, but a Masters show sounds like it could be fun. Who will these "professional designers" be? Because it's only going to be fun if it's people we've all heard of. We want a Betsey Johnson/Diane Von Furstenberg cage match, bitches!

What do you think? Stretching the franchise too thin or does it sound like fun to you? We're not even going to pretend that we're not going to watch it.

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