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Thursday, January 27, 2011

In or Out: Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu

Ding-dong! T Lo calling!

Avon's Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon celebrates the company's
125th Anniversary during the 2011 Avon Global Believe Tour in Jason Wu.

Jason Wu Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Rose Cordero

We will start off by admitting that she's one of those stars we irrationally can't stand. Something about her prissiness and self-importance coupled with a totally unbelievable humility really sets us off. There's a reason we're admitting that. Bear with us.

We will also admit that this look doesn't thrill us. It's not bad per se; it's just kind of bleh, considering it's a world famous actress wearing a hot designer's wares.

Having said all THAT, you know what? She's a total IN. Had she shown up at a premiere looking like this we would have "pfft"ed and told her to try harder. But appearing as an Avon Ambassador at an Avon party looking like a particularly well put-together Avon lady? She's rocking the look. Dressed down but still dressy. Totally playing to the crowd. She looks clean and fresh and doesn't really need a thing to embellish the look, given the venue. The shoes, hair and makeup all look great and the dress fits and flatters exactly the way it should.

See? We don't like the actress and we were first inclined to find the look boring, but we talked our way into INning it. Aren't we fabulously open-minded? Don't you all want to emulate our Mother Theresa-like kindness? Are we not setting a fine example for bitchy fashion bloggers everywhere? Excuse us while we preen.

We still can't stand her, though.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, style.com]

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