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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 People's Choice Awards Part 1

Apparently, the People Chose people we never heard of.

Hit it, celebs:

Alyson Michalka in Marios Schwab

Why are we reminded of the first ten minutes of Working Girl?

AnnaLynne McCord in YSL

Boy, she really brought it to the red carpet, didn't she? And by "brought it," we mean a tablecloth.

Ashley Benson

It's got a teeny bit of interest. We don't hate it. That's about the best we can say.

Autumn Reeser

See previous comment.

Ben Rappaport

Jacket's just a skosh too tight there, son.

Cassie Scerbo in Nicole Miller

Boy, she really brought it to the red carpet, didn't she? And by "brought it," we mean a shower curtain.

Chris Colfer

Young man, we are thisclose to staging an intervention to get you to throw out the FAR overused "vest and skinny jeans" uniform you've been defaulting to. The gays do not get into a style rut!

Cloris Leachman

Crazy grandma. We expect no less from her. We want her and Betty White in a cage match.

Emma Roberts in Christian Dior

Come on, now. Unlike half the other attendees, we know who she is. We thought all the other dresses were so bland because they're on relative unknowns, but if Julia Roberts' niece can't score an interesting dress, we're going to have to assume that America's stylists have all been kidnapped and it's being kept hush-hush.

Jerry O'Connell

Yikes. Jerry, lay off whatever it is you're doing to your face, have some carbs every now and then, and seriously reconsider the hair.

Joanna Garcia

Boy, she really brought it to the red carpet, didn't she? And by "brought it," we mean exactly the opposite of bringin' it.

Kaley Cuoco

See previous comment.

What is going ON here, kittens? We can accept that maybe we're in a cranky mood, but you all see it too, right? The sea of dull dresses before us?

Kate Walsh in David Meister

Oh, we give up. The stylists apparently have, so why should we waste our jokes on these lazy, style-free celebs?

Kim Kardashian in Catherine Malandrino

Okay. That's better. We'd comment on the state of affairs that has a Kardashian as the most stylish in the room, but she's been steadily improving her look for a while now.

Lucy Hale in Ronald Abdala

We like the color and the little epaulet thingies, but it's awfully shiny and we don't think the shoes or the necklace were a good choice.

Maggie Q in Herve Leger

The Vs want to BREED with us!

Actually, it's kind of an interesting dress.

Malin Ackerman in J. Mendel

It's pretty dull and safe, but we have to admit, she looks cute. A little juvenile, but cute.

Minka Kelly in Vivienne Westwood

Not crazy about the hem or the matchy shoes, but it's not a bad look.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

We realize it's not the Oscars, but when did the PCAs become the casual Fridays of awards shows? We'd say they look cute but we haven't yet forgiven them for the "white t-shirt, jeans, and barefoot" pics they released last week with their new babies. The gays don't do cliche, boys.

Selena Gomez in Paule Ka

Sweet. She's a little dull, but she has a consistent image that works for her and someone's working to ensure it stays consistent.

Stephen Moyer

Where's Sooki? They're usually joined at the hip on the RC. Here's where we piss off a lot of people: We don't love that car coat length. We used to, but they got way over-used by the fantasy/vampire/goth crowd and now they need to be retired for a while. Also, he needs to stop with the Grecian Formula for men and invest in a good colorist.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Sweet, but dull. Are we talking about her or the dress? We'll never tell!

Tiffany Hines in Falguni & Shane Peacock

Oh, thank GOD. There's a sister on the RC and she's bringing both the style and the attitude. That sea of white people in neutrals was putting us to sleep. Cute dress.

Vanessa Williams in Tadashi Shoji

We don't really love this dress but we think she's working the SHIT out of it.

Zac Efron

Too tight and too shiny. His head looks like it's going to pop off.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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