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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In or Out: Colin Firth

We're boy crazy lately!

Colin Firth (with wife Livia Giuggioli) attends the Paris Premiere of the film "The King's Speech."

Since we started a new Man on the Street feature, we figured the pressure was off to find men on the RC worth discussing, but the ladies seem to have all taken a vacation because there have been no interesting dresses on the RC since before the new year. Let's face it: Rihanna and Kelly Rowland were fish in a barrel. Fortunately, we all have Colin Firth to bail us out.

He's a charming and good-looking man, who we tend to think is more than the sum of his parts. In other words, he's not a particularly gorgeous man, but his persona and his bearing, not to mention a lot of the parts he's played (one should never discount a well-played Mr. Darcy as a way of generating an instant and long-lived female fandom) have turned him into something of a sex symbol. One thing we really love about him is that he seems completely unfazed by getting older. If anything, he's getting more attractive.

Having said that, we're going to now criticize. Oh, don't get us wrong; the suit is impeccable. We love the vest, high collar and wide tie. No, it's what's going on above the neck that requires comment. For one, he looks so much better with shorter, more groomed hair. Chances are the Darcyites will disagree, but as much as he rocked that romantic 19th Century hair 15 years ago, he looks better now with a little polish. Also, Colin, we love you and we think you're aging wonderfully, but you could clearly do with a little moisturizer, hon. Your skin is looking painfully ashy and ruddy from here.

Despite our nitpicky grooming tips, there's no denying the man looks good and knows how to wear a suit. Besides, could we ever give anything but an IN to a man who knows you're not supposed to have 6 inches of extra trouser leg puddling around your shoes? We think not.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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