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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In or Out: Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland attends Sundanze at the Jet Nightclub
at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dear Kelly,

We met once. At The Fashion Show finale last year? Remember us? No? Well here, take a look at this grainy cell phone pic:

Gorgeous! Perfect little D&G dress for you and we told you so at the time. Now, we realize you might be a bit miffed that your thunder got stolen by that bitch Iman and that may have mistakenly led you to believe that you weren't edgy enough, but HONEY. This was NOT the way to go. When you are standing between two Vegas showgirls and YOU'RE the one who looks tacky, something went wrong along the way, dear. When your boobs look like torture devices and your ladybits are checking their watches for the yeast infection that's going to show up any second now, mistakes were made. Look, go home. Re-assess. Air out your bits. Fix yourself a cup of Maxwell House International Coffee, French Vanilla, sit in front of the fire, and think, really think, about where your life is heading. When you're ready to talk about what to do next, we'll be here.

Until then, you are so fucking OUT, girl.

T Lo

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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