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Sunday, January 9, 2011

TFS S2E7: House of Everybody

Let's wrap this thing up.

Gay marriage is not only destroying the fabric of society, it's destroying the format of our TFS posts, poodles!

Hit it, homos!


While we agreed with the judges that the paisley was not a super-fantastic choice of fabric, you're pretty much chucking any expectation of traditional garments of any kind with a challenge like this. In fact, praise should go to anyone who managed to fulfill their client's wishes while remaining mostly true to themselves. We thought Cesar did a bangup job and the only thing we would criticize is the clownish size of that tie. He could have convinced her to tone that down. Anyway, the jacket is fabulous.


And while this frock was very literal and not in any way an innovative, fresh, or modern take on anything, it was, again, exactly what the client wanted but done in a style that felt true to the designer. We didn't want to make love to the fabric flower the way Johnny Weir did, but it was still a super-cute dress and the perfect look for her.


Tragic. As we said the next day, it was ridiculously obnoxious for this queen to ask for such a non-traditional garment in this setting. Calvin had no access to research and very limited time and materials. On that level, he was - we hate to say it - right to be annoyed with his client. On the other hand, there are ways to engage a client who is being difficult in their demands and Calvin chose the absolute worst methods. Proving once again that he's all bark, he still went ahead and attempted to give his client what he wanted. It looked pretty ridiculous, but we almost - almost - can't blame Calvin for that.


Here's what we don't get. He asked for something Matrix-y, right? And he wanted it to sort of go with his husband's outfit. Why not make some sort of large trenchcoat/waistcoat hybrid for him? It's closer to the women's wear styles she says are her forte, plus it would have reduced the difficulty she had fitting a larger guy. We just don't get why she heard his requests - strange as they were - and came up with "windbreaker."


Said all we had to say about this one. It's fine. Good, even. But we were with the Miz when he said you could buy this dress anywhere.


To our thinking, this probably should have been the winning garment. He did menswear for a woman and he executed it pretty damn well, managing to make a beachy shorts outfit that actually held its own standing next to a more traditional bridal look. She looked comfortable and happy, as if she was wearing her favorite outfit. Together, they looked adorable.

But Jeffrey?

We need to discuss exactly why you're still a virgin, dear. The muu-muu? Not sexy.

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