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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In or Out: Rachel McAdams in Suno

Oh, dear.

Rachel McAdams at the London Premiere of "Morning Glory" in a Suno dress.

Suno Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Kelly G

On the one hand, she looks awful. On the other hand, it's working for her because these pictures have been all over the internet already. Sometimes a shitty dress can be a B-starlet's best friend. No suspense here; obviously she's an OUT. Let's break it down.

1) Hiddy shapeless dress that looks like it was made out of insulation or packing materials.
2) Bump-it.
3) Borrowing RuPaul's shoes.

It's a shame, because the shoes are actually cute and part of us wants to applaud the fact that whoever picked them out went with the "goes with, not match" school of thought when it comes to accessories; a school of thought we happen to subscribe to. Not everyone who looks at this dress would think "wine-colored pumps," but we salute the person who did. Unfortunately, that's all the saluting for today.

She looked pretty spectacular in that Michael Kors dress the other day but even then, we thought her hair looked strangely unkempt. Now we know: her hairdresser clearly has a substance abuse problem. Honey, give that queen the number of an addictions counselor and CUT. HER. LOOSE. She is doing you no favors. Also doing you no favors is a dress that shows side boob while at the same time looking like you're smuggling hams under your skirt. Oh, honey. Such a shayna punim. You deserve better than this.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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