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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

T LOunge

Let's all get drunk!

Bhudda Bar and Restaurant in Prague

Except we won't be getting drunk with you, sad to say. Tom is currently sick as a dog because we do that thing that long-term couples do: we only allow one of us to get sick at a time. Lorenzo was sick over the holidays; now it's Tom's turn. Only once in our 14 years together did we both have the flu at the same time and lemme tell you kittens, those were dark days Chez T Lo. We both slept 20 hours a day, wherever we happened to be sitting when sleep came over us. It wasn't at all unusual for one of us to wake up at 4 am to a house with every light and the television on because we'd both passed out hours earlier. We vowed Never Again. One of us always has to be the caregiver, otherwise, the whole place goes Grey Gardens within a day or two.

Tom was feeling a bit under the weather over the holidays, but Lorenzo was totally bed-bound, which meant someone had to stay on their feet. Once the holidays ended, Lorenzo rebounded and this week, Tom finally succumbed. He is crusty and cranky and smells like Vaporub, which is totally not fabulous. Lorenzo is exhausted and harried from waiting on him hand and foot. So, yeah, there's a little bit of a Big and Little Edie vibe right now. We're thinking of wearing our sweaters on our heads tonight.

To make matters worse, we're supposed to get major snow tonight and there's little more than some oatmeal and a frozen pizza in the house. The cats are looking at us with suspicion and trepidation. They've got nothing to worry about. As usual, those bitches have enough food in the house to last into their old age. Pray that we don't have to resort to eating Fancy Feast before the week is out. Sadly, no wealthy Bouvier cousins will be stopping by with a blank check.

Tom will be lifting a glass of Nyquil tonight, but the rest of you should go ahead and drink the high-end vodka we'd normally be drinking. Pity party? Why, we don't mind if we do.

Thankfully, there is television to keep us from wallowing in it. Whatever would we do without television to make our lives better?

It's Simon Doonan in the guest chair tonight on The Fashion Show, where he will hold forth on how to dress in a subtle and understated way.

Episode 8 Preview
They do come up with interesting challenges, we have to say. Although 2 looks in 24 hours strikes us as a little sadistic, not to mention the increased likelihood of ass on the runway. Still, we hope Eduardo says "exisereeez" a couple more times during the episode because it's so cute.

Also, V at 9/8c, kittens!

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman, bravotv.com, hbuddha-bar-hotel.cz - Video Credit: bravotv.com]

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