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Friday, January 7, 2011

Man on the Street: Seth Rogen

Does a bear pea in the street?

Seth Rogen visits "Late Show With David Letterman"
at the Ed Sullivan Theater on January 6, 2011 in New York City.

We'll give Seth some credit. For a while there, we feared he'd succumbed to the body dysmorphia that plagues 90% of the entertainment industry and he lost a lot of weight very quickly. He seems to have settled back into a size that suits him better. Plus, he seems to have realized that attempting a suave leading man persona was working against his natural appeal.

Cute nerdy Jew bear is the way to go. A ton of women and men find that particular persona devastatingly attractive. He looks adorable here and it brings to mind a convo we had over the holidays. We were browsing our new favorite clothing store when Tom came across this fabulous little plaid pea coat. Knowing Lorenzo's love of all things plaid, Tom subtly scoped out Lo's reaction to see if it was worth buying for him as a gift. To his surprise, Lorenzo practically recoiled. "GOD, no. Not a pea coat." Tom was shocked. "A pea coat is a men's classic. It looks good on any man, no matter the size or age," he offered. Lorenzo agreed, but, "every urban queen in America has a pea coat. I'm kind of sick of looking at them." That's true. We're not trendy types at ALL (really!), but we do tend to find certain things less appealing if everyone else is wearing it or talking about it. We're pains in the ass that way.

Anyway... Seth: looking adorable. Pea coats: classic or overdone? These are your discussion points.

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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