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Friday, November 12, 2010

2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Part 2

Work it like it owes you ten dollars, girl!

Exactly like every Pride parade float we've ever seen, except all the bumps are in the wrong places and they're not showing enough skin.

Darlings, it's time to continue our expose of gay infiltration into that last bastion of heterosexuality, Victoria's Secret. We never noticed it before yesterday, but apparently a small army of gays has taken over the design process over there because we see our brothers all over that runway even though there isn't a penis in sight.

Let's begin.

Quite possibly the least aerodynamic angel we've ever seen. We're thinking she just flaps around in circles a lot until she wears herself out.

Clearly an homage to the Shady Dame from Seville from some Julie Andrews queen.

What is she supposed to be? The Angel of Wheat? No gays were involved in this one as we would never think to offer a salute to a carb.

A little bit of Cher with a little of Kiss of the Spider Woman thrown in, which is to say, GAY.

Definitely NOT gay because her shoes clash.

No. A straight guy came up with this one. You can't tell us otherwise. BELIEVE US, when a gay is looking at a baseball uniform and admiring the bulges within, that is NOT where we imagine them to be.

Another straight guy design, no doubt.

Not only did a gay come up with this one, he lent her his best Saturday night pants.

We're not sure about the getup (mainly because her cape looks like a fitted sheet), but a gay DEFINITELY taught her how to make an entrance.

So gay we'll be peeing rainbows for days.

So gay it farts glitter.

So gay... that we are momentarily rendered speechless. Liza and Elton on a Pride float passing out rubbers and dueting "I Am What I Am" is LESS gay than this.

Another lesbian designer sneaks one in for the sisters.

A collaboration between a gay man and a 6-year-old girl, no doubt. Perhaps there was a Take Your Daughter to Work and Have a Gay Babysit Her day at Victoria's Secret.

"People of Walmart" gay.


Club Kid Gay.

Steroidal Leather Gay with a tramp stamp and more piercings than he has bodyparts. Trust us on this one. We can smell it a mile away.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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