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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jessica Biel for Revlon


Jessica Biel got all dolled up in mid-century fabulous for the launch of ... well, we'll let this adorable little press release take it away:

"In 1952, Revlon launched its iconic color collection Fire & Ice™, with matching lips and fingertips in a bold, fiery red. This fall, Revlon brings back its Fire & Ice™ collection for today’s woman – who is as bold, confident, and glamorous as ever."

Photographed by Mario Testino, the shot of Biel is a direct homage to the original Richard Avedon shot of legendary Ur-supermodel Dorian Leigh which was used to launch the product 58 years ago:
Pretty cool, yes? "Like flaming diamonds dancing on the moon!"

Plus, look at the retro packaging!Come on, you know you want to get your Joan Holloway on. That shit is FABULOUS.

Now, just as in 1952, you should probably answer the following questionnaire to determine if you're the right gal for Fire & Ice. Pay attention now. This is science:

Have you ever danced with your shoes off?

GOD, no. Do you know how much broken glass and spilled beer is all over the average dance floor? PLEASE, Mary. We've ALWAYS danced with our shoes on. Other items of clothing were optional, but the shoes always stayed.

Do you blush when you find yourself flirting?

We've been together for 14 years. Remind us what flirting is again?

Do you sometimes feel that other women resent you?

It's these cheekbones, darling.

Do you secretly hope the next man you meet will be a psychiatrist?

What the FUCK is that supposed to mean?!

When a recipe calls for one dash of bitters, do you secretly think it's better with two?


That's a stupid question.

Do you face crowded parties with panic then wind up having a wonderful time?

No. Well, there was that one time, but that's because no one told us it was a pants-free party

Would you streak your hair with platinum without telling your husband?

Head, yes. Pubic, no.

Do you love to look up at a man?

Honey, don't make this so easy for us.

[Image Credit: revlon.com, beautybombshells.com]

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