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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In or Out: Blake Lively in Versace

We're just as shocked as you're about to be, kittens.

Blake Lively attends the launch of Lorraine Schwartz's "2BHAPPY" jewelry collection
at Lavo NYC in Versace.

Versace Spring 2011 Collection
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw


We know! We can't believe it either!

Truth be told, we don't exactly lovelovelove the dress. We like it well enough, but that long fringe down the front is a bit much for us. The thing is, it's NOT a bit much for Ms. Lively, who usually trades in far more attention-getting outfits than this. That's why we're giving her an IN; because this is such a step in the right direction for her and because, it has to be said, she's really pulling it off. The hairstyle is exactly right; love the shoes and earrings, love the bracelets (but she could have taken one off), makeup looks fresh. If we were awarding point values to everything, she'd score pretty high just for looking out together and making the right choices. So, yes. Blake Lively gets an IN. Mark this day on your calendars, bitches.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, style.com]

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