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Monday, November 22, 2010

Geil Magazine: The Mission

A little off the beaten path.

Geil Magazine Fall/Winter 2010/11 issue
Editorial: "The Mission"
Photographer: Nicolas Valois
Models: Florian Bourdila at Kult/Ford Europe, Nil Hoppenot at Major, Thibaud Tauru at MGM
Makeup: Topolino at Kalliste
Hair: Vincent De Moro
Stylist: Benjamin Armand

We found this editorial to be kind of fascinating. On the one hand, one can't help but ask questions about the validity of cultural appropriations and the dumbing down (or in this case, sexing up) of an indigenous culture. One the other hand, and maybe this because we're gay, we think it broadens the rather limited idea of what constitutes male beauty, if only for a moment. We're not blind to the fact that the models are in fact, embodiments of the dominant idea of western male beauty, but by referencing the dress traditions of indigenous South Americans, it briefly gave us a glimpse of how they see male beauty, even if it's being "written" in our language. Of course the costuming and makeup here isn't even close to accurate dress; they are wearing such mainstays of western fashion as Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano, after all. But that's not the point. The references are strong enough, and unusual enough, to make an impact. We think this editorial is beautiful.

Cardigan worn as skirt by Vivienne Westwood. Necklace by John Galliano.

Leather Coat by John Galliano. Pants by Vivienne Westwood. Necklace by Kenzo.
Left Shoe by Lenz. Right Shoe by Kenzo.

Black Hoodie by Ek Thongprasert. Necklace by KM.

Necklace by Ek Thongprasert.

Wool Coat by Pringle of Scotland. Shorts by Kris Van Assche. Jewelry by New York Adorned.

Pants by John Galliano. Short worn as belt by Kenzo. Jewelry by New York Adorned.

Pants by Vivienne Westwood. Shoes by John Galliano.

Behind-the-scenes Video:

THE MISSION - GEIL september 2010 from nicolas valois on Vimeo.

[Photo Credit: malemodelscene.net - Video Credit: vimeo.com, geilmagazine.com]

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