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Thursday, November 18, 2010

TFS S2E2: House of Nami

Hit it, asskissers!


On a conceptual level, it's a really great dress. He managed to effectively evoke the inner workings of the body without being literal about it. In fact, he was so effective that the dress has a slightly nauseating feel to it. On a design level, we love the bodice and the way he constructed it. Don't really love that jacket but he had to do something reversible so he was kind of forced into it.


Mr. "I LOVE vaginas!" makes an awfully clumsy and fussy-looking dress. To much going on and the fabric looks like it's been tortured.


It's not as bad as David's but it's similarly clumsy and tortured-looking. We wonder if she's been spending so much time batting her eyes at him that she's been picking up his design cues. Last week's dress was simple and draped beautifully in the back. This looks overdone.


We still hate that collar and how it makes her boobs look like bug eyes, but the rest of it is elegant and well done. Those gimmicky reversible tricks are usually pretty bad, but he managed something that looks refined as well as practical.


We thought this was kind of an interesting look, but aside from the color, seemed to have little to do with the rest of the collection. In fact, looking at everything again, we're surprised the judges gave this group the win. There are too many issues with the individual looks and the whole thing doesn't come together.

You can see Cesar all over this look. He's a natural leader and it'll be interesting going forward how well the team does without him. The only decent looks here were Cesar's, Eduardo's and this very Cesar-inspired group look. It's probably our favorite look of the whole collection. These teams should consider working collaboratively on individual designs rather than having each designer make their own dress. Cesar seems to understand that but no one else does. Actually, that's not true. In a strange way, we think Calvin understands that too. It's just that Cesar's a sweetheart and Calvin's an angry attention whore.

In a general sense, the collection worked because (and again, we think this is Cesar's doing) it was presented and staged well and the group hung together on their somewhat outside-the-box color choices. It may have lacked cohesion and the individual pieces may have been problematic, but on the runway, it looked like a collection. That, Eduardo's piece and Cesar's obvious influence over the whole enterprise, is what probably gave the team its win.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/BravoTV - Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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