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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T LOunge

Minions! We've failed you!

Aqua Kyoto bar and restaurant in Japan

Quick, let's all head to the boarding gate while we explain.

You see, we wrote three lovely posts to entertain you today and then we looked at each other, matching sparkles in our eyes, and said in unison, "Shopping? Shopping." Before we knew it, we were out the door and looking for deals. After finally finding the perfect lampshades for our TV room, we realized that 4 hours had gone by and we had neglected you, our unborn fawns. So, here. First round's on us.

The Fashion Show Episode 4 Preview:

Glee Preview:

Discuss the previews amongst yourselves while we pay for the drinks and scramble to get that A-List post up, darlings. Kisses! Sorry! Love you!

[Video Credit: bravotv.com, YouTube.com/GleeonFox - Photo Credit: aqua.com.hk, Heidi Gutman via bravotv.com]

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