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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In or Out: Olivia Wilde

Earth girls are easy.

Olivia Wilde attends the "Tron: Legacy 3D" Press conference
at the Ritz Carlton
in Tokyo, Japan.

Okay, sure. It's a press conference, not a red carpet appearance. Fine, but you're kidding yourself if you think these appearances aren't just as managed and styled as your average film premiere. This outfit, believe it or not, was (or at least should have been) chosen with the same care that a prissy high-strung stylist would devote to a gown. Ergo, ripe for our brand of bitchery.

We don't get it. Actually, we think we get it, but it fails so badly. This is an attempt at the "science fiction" starlet outfit. You know, you've got some sort of science fiction or superhero film coming up where you play The Girl, so you're trying to fire up the nerds with your sporty, youthful, slightly hipster look with anime undertones. Sometimes, it works and the starlet can wind up looking fun and sexy and young and not at all full of herself. Other times, it looks like this. Whoever chose this outfit for her also steered her away from full-length mirrors, apparently. We don't know this gal all that well, but we're fairly (100%) certain her dress size is a pre-school number, meaning she's as thin and small as most of her cohorts in the industry. And while we'd never go so far as to say this outfit makes her look fat, we're pretty sure she cried when she saw these pictures. The thigh-highs with the pink tights and flared skirt basically all combine to form a chorus of "Look at this strip of my thighs! Hypnotic! It's all you can see, right?"

If only that were true. If all we could see were her electric pink thighs, we wouldn't be so upset at her "my shift at the mall is coming up" hairstyle. WHAT is going ON there? Again, trying to go for that fresh-faced nerdgirl look, but failing miserably, mainly since she has a pretty angular face and these tight little 'dos do her no favors.

And we'll have to check the latest fashion mag covers, because we're pretty sure we haven't seen a tagline lately like "Wearing Your Loofah Around Your Neck! New Fall Trend!"

Okay, we think we're done here. OUT.

[Photo Credit: wireimage, getty]

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