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Monday, November 29, 2010

TFS S2E3: House of Nami

We are SO behind on our dress-ripping, minions!

Hit it, attention whores!


Perhaps he should spend a little less time trying desperately to be charming and telling us how much he loves cunnilingus and a little more time working on his designs. There's nothing that stands out as awful here, but there's nothing that stands out, period. And that's really saying something because we're not talking about a pack of innovators here.

That head wrap doesn't go with the dress at all.


She's surprising us. She comes off all giggly around the only straight guy in the room, but she's been producing quietly stylish work like this. We love the coat and the dress underneath has a high-end, low-key chicness that feels modern and of the moment (unlike a lot of most of pretty much all of her teammates' entries). We think she should have won this week.


Instead they went, quite predictably, for this look. We're trying not to take this show too seriously, only because it's more fun that way and besides, we don't think you're meant to take it too seriously. But there is something of a deficiency in the judging process. Iman is dominating the proceedings, which means every single challenge, whether stated as such or not, is a "make Iman a dress" challenge. For drama's sake and for the sake of more interesting outcomes in the judging process, we hope Isaac and Laura Brown stage a coup at some point. In fact, that Laura Brown needs to put on her bitchpants and get to work. You're a fashion editor, for crying out loud. The world expects you to be a raging bitch. Get to it, hon.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying we thought this frock was boring. Pretty, but boring.


Calvin's clothes are never boring, that's for sure. And he's got technical skills like pretty much no one else there; even Cesar, we'd bet. But he does tend to go for the tacky embellishments and and they kind of ruin his work for us. This has a beautiful fit and drape to it, but the overdone collar and the paillletes and the mermaid skirt all take it into the realm of drag queen or Telemundo hostess. He's got the chops, but we're not sure if he doesn't have (to borrow a phrase from one of those bitchy fashion editors) a taste issue.


Oh, please.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman via bravotv.com - Screencaps: www.tomandlorenzo.com]

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