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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Absolutely Fabulous, The Return?

Well, maybe.

We don't want to jump the gun because this clearly doesn't sound like firm plans, but please Mr. Jesus, make this happen:

"Crack open the Bolly, darling – Absolutely Fabulous is coming back.

Joanna Lumley has revealed she will be reunited with Jennifer Saunders, 52, in a revival of the hit television sitcom.

The actress said she was in talks with Miss Saunders – who created the show – to bring back the champagne-guzzling, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking fashionistas for a comeback."

"Jen wrote to me and said, “Let’s talk through it. What do you think?” And I said, “Bring it on.” Because we’re all still here. "

Okay, here's the thing: while it's always best for a performer to know when to get off the stage and while the latter attempts at the franchise were considerably weaker than the earlier ones, we still want to see this happen. Sometimes, we'll notice something in the world of fashion, pop culture or politics and wonder "What would Pats and Eddy have to say about that?" Seriously, aren't you curious to see what the old gals think of, say Lady Gaga? Or Barack Obama? Or an aging Madonna? So long as they avoid pitfalls like having Whoopi Goldberg guest star, we're a hundred percent behind this one. Come on, ladies! The world is crying out for some Bolly and Stoli!

But like we said, plans aren't firm:

"A spokesman for Miss Saunders said: ‘Though there have been rumours circulating that the show is coming back, Jennifer will not be releasing any statements about it at this time."

She's battling breast cancer at the moment, so obviously her priorities are elsewhere. We always thought Jennifer Saunders was a brilliant comedy writer and an unusually intelligent performer. We'll watch anything she does, but we hope she's really considering this. Lumley and Saunders had comedic chemistry like one rarely ever sees, right up there with the great comic teams of all time.

So what do you think? An idea with possibilities or should the old gals just pack it up?

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