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Friday, November 19, 2010

Glee's Matthew Morrison in Details

Why, Mr. Schu.

Matthew Morrison appears on the December/January cover of DETAILS magazine
in a photo shoot with Norman Jean Roy that took place September 25 in Malibu, California.

We'll never pass up an opportunity to show a shirtless man, kittens. If we can shoehorn it into the purview of this blog, we'll happily appeal to the lowest common denominator. Since the Glee posts tend to be among the more popular of our entries, showcasing Matthew Morrison's abs seemed like a no-brainer.

But first, we'll let those fine heterosexuals over at Details have their say. Boys?

Plans to shoot a humorous cover with the Glee star were scrapped once the creative team at Details discovered what Morrison looked like shirtless. It’s easy to see why the talented Mr. Schuester has provided grown-ups a reason to watch the hit Fox show! But when school lets out, Morrison has even greater adult-contemporary ambitions – like becoming the next Michael BublĂ©. And while rumors swirl about some of his co-stars turning into divas in the light of their new found fame, it’s nice to hear that Morrison, according to writer Claire Hoffman, is remarkably well-adjusted and “has resisted becoming an a**hole as a result of his success.”


“I definitely hooked up with a lot of girls when I was a young guy on Broadway. It was exciting. Very joyous and free.” But Morrison didn’t shed his inhibitions entirely. He joined a Bible-study group in college, and he didn’t lose his virginity until he was 21. Being perceived as a sex object confused him (and still does). “I’m not comfortable with the idea of my sex appeal, but I know in my job I have to use it. I wish I could say I got to this point in my career based on my talent, but I don’t think that’s true.”

Regarding his co-stars:
“I am a teacher to them,” Morrison says of the younger castmates he refers to as “the kids.” “I’ve taken a few under my wing. I don’t want to say they idolize me, but…” he trails off, realizing how this might sound. He’s careful about what he says and wishes some of his colleagues were a little less publicity-driven. “Yeah, I find myself learning a lot from the set. I do look at stuff people on the show are doing, and I don’t judge them, but I question it. I say to myself, ‘Keep quiet.’ Fame … it’s like a handgun – in the wrong hands, it’s dangerous.”

On dating:
“I’m not a good friend right now. I’m not a good boyfriend. It’s not that I’m selfish. I’m just focused.”

On paddle boarding for exercise:
“I got my own board. It’s a great core workout.”

On getting in tip-top shape for this photo shoot:
Morrison ate well and in the final few days used a trick Sue Sylvester pushed on her cheerleading squad: a sweet potato-only diet.

“Matt’s the star of the show. The show rests on his shoulders—everything revolves around him.” –
Glee creator Ryan Murphy

“You get the sense he knows he can write his own ticket. If I were going to come back as someone, I’d come back as Matt Morrison.” –
Glee co-star Jane Lynch

He actually sounds like he's got his head screwed on right. Although there is that line about the rest of the cast idolizing him. You can read the entire article here. As for the pics...

Well, they speak for themselves, don't they? We'll be honest: clothed, he doesn't really do it for us, but what good is a man if he keeps his clothes on all the time, amirite girls?

[Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy via details.com]

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