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Saturday, November 20, 2010

V Magazine: The Age Issue

Getting her Klute on again, 40 years later.

V MAGAZINE issue #68
“The Who Cares About Age Issue”
Photography by: Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Kittens, a bunch of old broads banded together and said "Fuck these little anorexic starlet twits! Let's show them how it's done, girls!" And thus, it came to pass. Jane Fonda, Sigourney Weaver and Susan Sarandon slapped on the wigs and the war paint to show the world that the old gals still got it going on in a big, big, way.

Jane Fonda says that at age 72, her life has never been richer, more active, or more fulfilling. And Susan Sarandon, at 64, would say the same about her own. As would 61-year-old Sigourney Weaver, 64-year-old Charlotte Rampling, and 60-year-old Amanda Lear. In this, our Who Cares About Age Issue, they’ve all told us, in varying words, that society’s stigma of age has no bearing on their daily lives, only that they feel more confident in who they are and more gorgeous inside and out with each passing day."

"We always fear getting older when we're young. It's scary when you're on the outside,
but when you're inside oldness, it's not scary.

Jane Fonda in Dolce & Gabbana

"I never worry when they say 'There are no rules' or whatever. As long as people are telling stories, there will be great roles for all shapes, sizes, and sexes. You just keep moving and things come."

Sigourney Weaver in Alexander McQueen

"I wouldn't want to be 20 now. I know so much more, and I'm much more comfortable in my skin."

Susan Sarandon in Fred Leighton

Although, can we just say? Jane, honey? You're 72. It's great that you look so fabulous (although we think we can still see the pricetag on your face), but do you really need to be sticking your ass in the air, girl? Isn't the whole point to getting older that you let go of all that crap you held on to when you were young? Things like sticking your ass in the air to get attention?

But really, that's the only minor critique we have. They look fabulous and they look like they're having fun with it.

[Photo Credit: vmagazine.com]

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