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Friday, November 19, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Haute Couture Show

There's no smiling in fashion!

Alber Elbaz presented his Lanvin for H&M Haute Couture Show at The Pierre Hotel in New York City last night, before a glittering audience that included Andie MacDowell, Emma Roberts, Anna Sui, Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, and Sofia Coppola. The collection will be launched tomorrow, November 20th in the U.S. and Canada, and worldwide on November 23rd.

We highlighted this collection once before and that time, we were enraptured by the promotional video. This time, we're enraptured by the runway show. If you're one of those people who complain that models always look so glum clomping down the runway, then this is the show for you. Hit it, girls.

Fun, right? Maybe not as high-end looking as the event might have suggested, but these designs are a little playful, so why shouldn't the show be a little more lighthearted than the usual runway death march?

And y'know...

For all the Betsey Johnson-esque styling and pairing, there are an awful lot of really good wardrobe essentials to be found here. Not every girl wants to wear crazy hats, or leopard print hose, or mismatched prints, but a lot of them want that perfect black (or red or yellow or blue) dress, or that one jacket or coat that will make them thinner and richer happy for the season, or just a couple of good go-to skirts. H&M's always been good to hit up for a couple of pieces that'll last you through a season, but some of these pieces look like they could become permanent fixtures in a gal's wardrobe rotation.

[Photo Credit: getty - Video Credit: YouTube]

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