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Friday, November 19, 2010

TFS S2E2: House of Emerald

No more "House of Emerald Sux" jokes, sadly.

It seems one of the pitfalls of this "design a collection every week" setup is that the teams always default to defining a collection as "clothes that are the same color." We're loving the judging on this show but we'll be annoyed if they don't eventually yell at the designers for this.


Well, he convinced the judges that his convertible clothes schtick can be chic and in a way, we suspect that was more important to him than actually winning it. We don't really love it as a skirt, but when she wears that piece as a cape, the whole look really comes together. And Isaac was right; if you can make one article of clothing that works as both a skirt and a cape while still draping beautifully no matter how you wear it, you're a designer who knows what the hell they're doing. Yes, he's difficult (to say the least) and he doesn't always have the best staging ideas (nuclear war?), although he was right to insist that the head shrouds were awful. It seems to us that Calvin has certain needs to be met before he can be useful, like having his ego stroked. Honestly, that's not the worst thing in the world, especially if you can deliver once everyone gives you what you want. His new team mates need to learn that lesson quickly because when he gets what he wants, he's valuable, but when he doesn't he drags the whole team down.

Either way, he's entertaining as hell.


We can't quite explain why, but we're having a violently negative, "Ew, NO! Get it away from us!" reaction to this dress. The word, kittens, is hiddy. The basic silhouette is fine, but the fabric choice, especially since she was planning on doing some unusual pleating, was just awful. And the back of that skirt is atrocious.


Violently negative reaction #2. We think we figured it out. We hate these dresses so much because we're already sick of these two bitching about Calvin and acting like they're the lead designers and everyone should just listen to them. Granted, Calvin's no better, but at least there's only one of him. These two with their giggling little whispered conferences and high self-regard are just setting our bitchmeters off. Unsurprisingly, her dress has the same problems as her sister's. The fabric choice was awful for what she was planning to do. The ruffle pleat thing on the front is interesting but that panel hanging down the back is just plain weird.


Little Morris got his act together this week. Chop 3 inches off that hem and that dress is just about perfect. Chic and slinky with some visual interest without looking tacky or too revealing. Great use of the colors too. Although we hate the collar when it's flipped up.


Another disaster. We imagine she's going to blame her team mates for her poor showing, but that little boob tongue they insisted on was nowhere near the worst thing about this outfit. It was more like the bad cherry on an awful sundae. Another example highlighting the poor fabric choices. The dress looks sloppy and ill-fitting and the jacket over it is just plain awful.

It'll be interesting to see the results next week when Cesar starts working with them. We suspect that he'll do what he did with his own team: ignore or downplay the silly personality-based drama while pushing each of the designers to do their best work. Will they listen to him? Will there be a Cesar vs. The Red Rum Twins fight for dominance! Stay tuned, bitches!

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/BravoTV - Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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