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Thursday, November 18, 2010

T Lo Gets Lipp-y

In which T and Lo shoot off their mouths like never before.

We feel a little funny linking to this, like, "Look at how fascinating we are!" On the other hand, what's the point in doing it if you're not going to want people to read it, right? We're talking about our latest interview, which also happens to be the longest one we've ever done. Conducted by Deborah and Roberta Lipp, the sisters behind the fantastic "Basket of Kisses," the most extensive Mad Men site on the internet, it's pretty much Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about T Lo but Were Afraid to Ask. Because this was the most epic event in the history of the internet, the Lipps broke this one down into three parts.

Part 1, which covers Project Runway:

"Awarding the win to Gretchen is not, I don’t know, we didn’t agree when Jeffrey won in Season 3. And to be honest, we weren’t even rooting for Christian Siriano that much. So, this isn’t the first time that they’ve awarded the win to someone that we didn’t agree [on], but I have to admit this is the most “WTF” moment the show has ever had. I mean, I could accept Jeffrey, I could understand Christian Siriano, But Gretchen? I just don’t get it at all. It seems to fly in the face of everything they’ve said before in previous seasons."

"Well, we have to strike the balance every year in the casting, and that has always been where Project Runway has had the most difficulty. But generally, what most fans consider their worst seasons are the seasons where they didn’t cast it that well. Either they had people who were talented but had no personality whatsoever, or they had people full of personality and the talent level wasn’t just all that exciting. That’s part of the reason why we felt that Season 8 was actually in certain respects a very good season, because no, there were no Jay McCarrolls in this group, there were no Christian Sirianos in this group, but there was talent there, and there were points of view there. I mean, if you said a Gretchen dress, you can picture what I’m talking about. If you say a Mondo dress, if you say an Andy dress, or even an April dress, you can picture that."

You can also find out our favorite designers and challenges, as well as the answer to the question "What would Project Runway have to do to get you to stop blogging about it?"

Part 2
was all about Mad Men and it's our favorite part of the interview because it's just three people who know their subject matter obsessively well, shooting the shit. We don't know if we managed any real revelations, but it was just fun to talk to someone who gets the show on the same OCD level that we do. Some bits:

"And I could hear it playing in the background, and he kept saying, “You have to watch this. You have to watch this.” And I said, “I will, I will. It sounds kind of interesting.” And then he got to the end of the season and he was like, “No, you really need to watch this.” I sat down and I sat through Episode 1, and like a lot of people did, immediately clicked on Episode 2, then Episode 3. And then the next thing I knew, I had spent about four or five hours in front of the TV watching Mad Men. So no, we didn’t come to it at the beginning, we came to it slightly late, but before a lot of other people did."

"And I think for me, and I think for a lot of women, men and women in my generation, I think it was very eye-opening. Like, Wow, this is how my parents lived. My parents lived in a world where it was okay to lift a secretary’s skirt and announce the color of her panties to the office."

"The one who’s going to become the fashion nightmare is going to be Harry Crane. It’ll be bell bottoms and paisley shirts and Nehru jackets for Harry Crane. Just Don, I can practically guarantee that in the last episode of the series Don will be dressed almost exactly the same as he was in the beginning of the series. Pete, Pete is very traditional, but he is young, so his style might change. I fear seeing Joanie try and take on some of the styles of the late 60s and I hope they don’t try and do that because I think she’s not suited for them. I don’t know, Peggy’s not adventurous with her clothing, so I really don’t see much changing for her going forward. She’s gotten much, much better as time went on. She got a much better haircut, but she’s not going to be super mod, and that would be unprofessional for the office anyway."

Part 3, where 3 exhausted bloggers discuss the mechanics of blogging. This may be the least interesting of the 3 parts (to everyone but us) just because it's so "inside baseball." If you've ever wondered how we do what we do, then this kind of navel-gazing is just what you're looking for.

"Because when we started, the whole point, and even now, the point now is to have a unique voice. And there are a million gay male bloggers out there writing about fashion, writing about pop culture and celebrity. There’s millions of them. I don’t even have to mention any names. The most popular blogs in that arena tend to be gay male blogs. So we wanted to set ourselves apart because yes, obviously, we’re both gay males, but we are a couple. And we approached the entire blog as if we were just having a conversation the next morning about what we saw on TV with whomever is reading it."

"And even if you are lucky enough and disciplined enough to have a blog that turns around and starts making money for you, to get wealthy off it is almost completely unheard of. Almost nobody does that."

"Most of the people we’ve worked with at the various cable networks and stuff, most of them have been pretty good or have tried to help us out. But like Lorenzo said, you constantly feel like you have to prove your bona fides to them to get anything, even if it’s just access to pictures, let alone a screener. But yeah, that’s probably the biggest drawback. And you said, blogger versus press. We will see these shows who hand out screeners to, you name a newspaper, it doesn’t have to be a big one, and they’ll hand them out left and right. And all I can say is I know my numbers are more than that newspaper’s circulation. Now, why can’t I get one?"

Go and read the whole thing, should you be so inclined. And yes, we say "like," and "I mean" a lot. Deal.

[Photo Credit: AMC, LifeTime]

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