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Monday, November 29, 2010

In or Out: Kylie Minogue at the Macy's Parade in Chanel

Go and get it, girl!

Girl, we know how it is. You hear your agent say "float" and visions of sugarplum (among other kinds) fairies dance in your head wearing tiny silver short-shorts and body paint. You are Kylie Minogue, a goddamn gay icon in your own time. When you do floats, there are rainbow flags and naked men involved. End of story. So imagine your surprise when you found out there would be no naked men, no disco music, no drag queens and no throngs of adoring queens vying for your attention. Instead you would have to lip synch in front of children in the cold. What do you do? Bitch, I just told you. You're Kylie Damn Minogue...

You show up in a turban and Chanel, of course.

Chanel Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Dorothea Barth Jorgensen (ELITE)

SEE? Didn't we tell you that some fabulous diva could make a turban work? Listen to your gays! When we say "Turbans are coming back, girl," then you best get your Leontyne Price on, pronto.

Kylie, on behalf of your adoring gays, don't ever change, doll.


[Photo Credit: wireimage, style.com]

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