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Saturday, November 20, 2010

In or Out: Heidi Klum in Victoria Beckham

Shoe trends for women are going to make us tear our hair out.

Heidi Klum presents the 2012 Volkswagen Eos Convertible
at the Los Angeles Auto Show in Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva

Seriously, style people? Is this how it's gonna go? First the gigantic beartrap shoes, then the brief mania for nude shoes, and now, after years of telling women to avoid this sort of thing, DTM shoes are going to come back? We say NAY. Yes, we know this isn't a Yea or Nay post, but we simply had to get that off our chests. Maybe she just went a little costume-y because it's a car show. Yes, that must be it. That better be it, because we're not going to suddenly start complimenting women on the red carpet in shoes that match their dress exactly. We don't care if Diana Vreeland comes down from fashion heaven and issues a decree that all women must go out looking like 1960s bridesmaids, we simply won't have this, kittens.

Having said that, it's a great little dress in a great color. We think this one might be just a skosh too tight in the skirt, though. It's funny. In pictures, Heidi always looks, well, voluptuous for a model. Not Christina Hendricks curvy, but still. More of a pinup bod than a typical model bod. But every time we've seen her in person, we're always shocked at how typical of a model bod she actually has. Skinny, insanely tiny waist, insanely long arms and legs. She doesn't look nearly as curvy as she comes across in pictures. Still, the skirt's too tight and it's pulling across her front.

We are divided on the hair. Lorenzo doesn't love it, but Tom actually loves it a lot. Heidi's face has gotten a little more angular over the years, and this style has a nice softening effect.

Let's take the scientific approach since we're all over the map here:

Fantastic dress: +1
Great color: +1
DTM shoes: -1
Hair: We're divided, so that's a zero.

Add it up and that's a +1, which means she's IN, darlings.

[Photo Credit: getty, style.com]

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