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Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 Hugo Boss Prize


The boys were out in force at the 2010 Hugo Boss Prize event at The Guggenheim this week. Let's judge their clothes and play FMK!

Alan Cumming

We love the way Alan dresses and from the waist down, we kinda like what he's doing. But we can't get behind a sport coat OVER outerwear. It just looks odd and, worst of all, Alan, it makes you look thicker than you are.

M. Although he'd probably cheat on you.

Mario Cantone

No real risk-taking, but that's fine. He looks just okay.

K. That voice, kittens.

Dan Duderstadt


Oh right. The suit. Well, we'll give it up to him (in more ways than one) for going with a plaid, which is always risky. On the other hand, the break on his pant cuffs is really bringing out our OCD. We just want to kneel in front of him and...pin up his cuffs.

"Pin up his cuffs" isn't a euphemism, but it really should be.

Oh, and straighten your tie if you're going to pose for a picture.

Dylan McDermott


Another outerwear-over-outerwear look, but this time it actually works.

He is a total M, even though we'd make do with a simple F.

Lorenzo Martone

As per usual, the fit is off with him. And the colors don't go, but that might have more to do with the backdrop he's posing against than the clothes.

He's a K. Too shallow.

Adrien Brody

He always brings it. It helps that he's model-skinny and clothes naturally look good on him. He looks great here. He does that scarf thing a lot but he knows how to wear them and it's kind of become a signature for him.


Colton Haynes

Too young to M and too cute to K, so that leaves F.

The suit looks fine but the collar on his shirt is all kinds of weird. We get the idea that a tie doesn't have to be perfectly straight and tight to the collar. It's that whole insouciance thing that male stars try so hard to cultivate. Fine. But don't do that while sporting a pocket square. You're sending a mixed message.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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