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Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Part 1

Hit it, girls!

Katy Perry and Akon perform during the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

You guys, this may come as a shock to you but we have never owned a bra and looking at boobs, while fun in a general sense, doesn't give us quite the thrill it gives our straight brothers, which means the Victoria's Secret Fashion show was never something that got us particularly excited. Don't get us wrong, it's models and a runway so it was always good for a minute or two of interest, but to us it was just an oddity; an event that comes along once or twice a year that lifts an eyebrow of interest for a moment, but then passes. Like Groundhog Day or when someone gets up at 5 in the morning to announce the Oscar nominees.

But we're looking at these pictures - and we fully admit we're far from experts on the history of the VS fashion show, but we have to ask...

Did the gays take over or something?

No, really. Sure, it's still hot girls with hod bods showing off their boobs and butts, like God and our Founding Fathers intended. But isn't it all a little, we don't know, more...

... flamboyant than usual?

Even Katy was a little more "Rio drag queen" than she normally is.

We can't tell you how many times we've been walking down the street with one of our straight-guy friends when he's said "Wow, check out the panniers on that one!"

No, seriously. A gay came up with that getup.

We guess it plays into the whole cheerleader/gymnast fantasy, but the exploding streamers are pure Pride Parade float.

Hot, no doubt. But you can go to a dozen circuit parties and find a couple of muscle boys wearing body glitter and pretty much this exact outfit (sans bra and hair extensions, although not always). We're telling you, this may look all hot and sexy to the straight boys but some wicked queen is having fun getting them worked up by putting on the gayest show since Liberace discovered suits that come with battery packs.

A direct ripoff of the Spring 1982 Franklin Mint Gone with the Wind commemorative plate. We're telling you. GAY. Although now we suspect more than one. Perhaps a covert operation of some sort.

You going to try to tell us that anyone but a big 'mo cast all those little chorus boys?

There are more little bumps on that runway than the before picture in a Proactiv ad. Notice how bored they all look with the stunningly gorgeous and stacked Victoria's Secret model standing inches away. Most of them can't even be bothered to look at her. Gays.

On the other hand...gingham wings? Sorry, no self-respecting gay would come up with that.

It's feathers and metallics, which is always at least a little gay, but this one's mostly skin, so we're thinking a non-gay slipped it in.


A little gay.

Ahh, the lesbians make their presence known. Pretty sneaky, sis.

As gay as a tree full of parrots singing Sondheim.

Not gay. Too romantic.

You make the call: Gay or Not Gay?

Not gay.

Country gay.

Not even a little bit gay.

Neither side wants to take credit for this one.

Leather gay.

Possibly lesbian, definitely not a queen.

A little gay.

VERY gay.

Not at all gay.


If a gay had anything to do with this he should be very ashamed of himself. She looks like a Fisher Price sex worker.


[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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