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Friday, November 5, 2010

BAFTA Los Angeles 2010 Britannia Awards

The WHAT awards, now?

BAFTA Los Angeles 2010 Britannia Awards were held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, California. Let's judge the stars who made it, shall we?

Rosario Dawson in Christian Siriano Spring 2011

YAWN. The only point of interest, the sheer overlay, isn't all that interesting. Otherwise, this is Standard Starlet Dress #432-1a.

Olivia Wilde in Michael Kors Fall 2010

Pretty dramatic, and simple. That's the RC trifecta of good.

Dakota Fanning in Valetino Fall 2010 Couture

First, she's got to stop wearing these non-colors that wash her out. She seems to have made that her thing, but she's young enough that we think we can get to her before it becomes an unbreakable habit. Also, the skirt is weird.

Marion Cotillard in Elie Saab

Man, we liked the old Oscar-winning, ooh-lala poodle who wore French designers like she was born to. She's morphing into another boobs n' legs starlet on the RC and that's just sad. This isn't an awful dress, but it's, as we said, all boob n' leg.

Carey Mulligan in Preen Spring 2011

Adorable. Love the blue shoes.

Jane Lynch and Betty White

Funny ladies with sensible shoes will someday take over the world.

[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage, style.com]

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