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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fashion Show: House of Nami

Congrats, you lameass bitches!

We should have known once they picked such an embarrassingly lame name for their "house," they'd probably wind up being the winning team because anyone THAT boring is probably just going to sit and quietly sew instead of providing shrieking drama. We're evil queens, so our first thought was that if we were on the opposing team, once they came up with that brown-nosing name we'd immediately convince everyone on our team to vote for "House of Caasi," or better yet, "House of Ssassik."

After all, the challenge really wasn't that difficult. In fact, the challenge was to get along as a team, which is why House of Whateverthefux lost. All that was required of the teams was to make six pieces that looked like something Iman would wear and to do that, mostly you just have to play nice and do your work.

As Isaac said, "The reason you won is because it just felt like it was one person thinking and yet it was six of you." The goal was to get along enough to churn out 6 pretty dresses that looked like they came from the same closet. Sure, there were personalities on the team, but aside from David, the "How can I, a good-looking fashion designer with a 33-inch waist be gay, you're probably asking" guy and Dominique, his giggling Number One fan, most of them were low-key.


Cesar being the lowest-key of them all, yet the most appealing, personality-wise. We weren't at all surprised to see him whip up this dress. He'd probably be the first to tell you that it may not be a design masterpiece, but it was exactly what the judges were looking for. He's our early favorite and probably the judges too.


He blathered on pretentiously about this outfit while it walked across our screens but we can't remember a word of what he said. We think it's an interesting look and it's got a chic modernity to it, but it doesn't really look like Iman and it doesn't really go with the other looks.


Her "Ohmigod, I better not accidentally sleep with the cute straight guy on my team!" schtick is entertaining, but we can see how it'll get old quickly. We like this dress, especially the draped back in juxtaposition with the cleanly tailored front.


Both the judges and Eduardo went on about how stylish this was but we thought it looked like a million other dresses. Cute enough, and competently executed, but not all that original. And Iman is an amazing-looking woman but she's 55 and she hasn't worn a dress this tiny in years, if not a decade or more.


Mike's the guy in the hat who won't shut the hell up about tribal influences. For all that talk, we didn't see one element about this that read as tribal. Heavy rope does not a tribal look make. Does not a good look make either. He's lucky he was on the winning team.


Rolando's the skinny dude who insists he's a size two. We're not loving this dress at all. It's just okay, but Isaac and Iman acted like they loved it and we just don't see it. We think it looks kind of dreary and half-assed. Like Eduardo's it seems like a dress for an Iman ten to 20 years younger than the real one. Maybe that's why she loved both dresses so much.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/BravoTV - Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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