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Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Darlings, if there's one thing the world wants right now it's to hear Tim shoot his mouth off about the finale of Season 8 of Project Runway and the most controversial winner in the show's history. But strangely, Tim has been largely silent.

The Los Angeles Times has a great video of Tim making an appearance at the King of Prussia mall. All one person had to do is mention the finale and he was off:

We think it's pretty clear how he feels about the outcome but don't you think he's holding back a bit? We contacted Lifetime to ask if he was available for an interview but we were told he's traveling. And we have no doubt of that. Tim has an insanely busy schedule. But don't you think it's weird he's been so invisible since the show ended? At least in comparison to prior seasons, when we could count on hundreds of Tim Gunn Google alerts in our inbox in the days following the finale. With the apparent backlash from TPTB over his vlog and his tendency to refer to the judges' crack-smoking, is it possible he's being asked to keep his mouth shut since the fan reaction has been explosive, to say the least?

Come on, Tim! We know you read us when you get a chance (which means you probably won't see this for a month). The world wants to know! What Would Tim Say? Do it for the children! Do it for our veterans! Do it for us in payment for stealing our crack-smoking judges line! DO IT FOR AMERICA, TIM.

Because there is nothing more cleansing for the soul than a pissed-off Tim Gunn ready to dish.

[Photo Credit: getty - Video Credit: youtube/vox2050]

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