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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week Part 2

A balm to the color-starved.

Here's your pretty to end the day. Those who took issue with our recent Michelle Obama post regarding her dress-over-pants getup worn in Indonesia the other day, please note that there are ways to reference certain cultural traditions, but putting a purely western dress with a cinched waist over a pair of pants that weren't meant to be worn that way was not the way to do it. It was a clumsy and awkward-looking attempt, in our opinion. These clothes are gorgeous and dream-like. Some of them have a fantasy quality, some of them reference cultural traditions, and some of them are modern and wearable. Something for everyone.

Amalia Agus during the DEKRANASDA show

Dian Pelangi during the APPMI show

Hannie Hananto during the APPMI show

Irna Mutiara during the APPMI show

Priyo Octaviano show

Savitri during the APPMI show

Yunita Kosasih during the SUNSLIK Walk of Creations show

Yuyuk Nurmaisyah during the APPMI show

[Photo Credit: getty]

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