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Saturday, November 6, 2010

"The World Of Gloria Vanderbilt" Launch Party

We were invited but all of our black clothes were dirty that night.

Ralph Lauren and Gloria Vanderbilt celebrate the publication of "The World Of Gloria Vanderbilt" at the Ralph Lauren Women's Boutique in New York City.

Wikipedia says she's 86 years old. Oh sure, that face is bought and paid for many times over, but who cares? That is one chic octogenarian.

"Chic" seems to have been the buzzword, at least in terms of the dress code. This being New York, and these being members of the glitterati, the color was BLACK. And LOTS of it. We're not going to run down the outfits one by one because, well, almost everyone's dressed all in black in very simple and classic styles. You might think we'd criticize that but to be honest, that's exactly how a bunch of chic New Yorkers are supposed to look. And besides, we doubt if any one of them availed themselves of stylist services. Clearly, everyone on the guest list got the memo. It gets a little dull scrolling down, but there's not one wrong note here. Not even when Gloria Steinem tries to go biker.

Alice Cho

Anne Slater

Sarah Jessica Parker

Camilla Belle

Elettra Wiedemann

Uma Thurman

Gloria Steinem

Kathy Griffin

Lauren Bush

Kelly Ripa

[Photo Credit: getty]

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