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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christian Tagliavini: 1503

Your pretty for the day, with a side of unusual.

Okay, even mouthy broads like us sometimes find ourselves at a loss for words. We'll let Swiss/Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini take over to describe his own work and process:

"I build up stories and dramatize them using photography and creativity as a skillful artifice being at the same time author, stage designer, costume designer, casting manager, director - and photographer."

This series, entitled 1503, is described as:

"Nine still characters from a visionary Renaissance are portrayed in solemn, die-cut costumes to die for. But their glances are seducing each other despite you, the observer."

We think they're stunning; referential to history, but with an otherworldly quality to them that makes them hard to look away. The lighting and the clothing are both gorgeous.


Donna Clotilde/Lady Clotilde


Rittrato di giovane donna/Portrait of Young Woman

Ritratto di Signora in verde/Portrait of a Lady in Green

Ritratto d'uomo/Portrait of a Man



Ritratto di giovane uomo con cappello piumato/Portrait of a Young Man in Feathered Hat

[Photo Credit: christiantagliavini.com]

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